Are Your Perceptions Warped?


With typically brusk insight, philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once advised: “All things are subject to interpretation. Whichever interpretation prevails at a given time is a function of power, and not truth.”

And in Tempest-Tost, Robertson Davies wrote: “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.”

For all Westerners aged over 36 years today, it is highly likely their perception of recent history and therefore "reality", has been shaped or warped by these four events:

  • The over-hyped millennial change (20th to 21st century) that got intertwined with the Dotcom Bubble;

  • The traumatic “9-11” outrage with its catastrophically aggressive responses; 

  • The creepy arrival of our “always on” connectivity to the “hive mind” … in the form of Facebook, Twitter, and Google;

  • The slow-motion collapse (starting 2008-09) of the West's once dominant international financial system!

With those 18 roller-coaster years tormenting our minds we’ve allowed (through neglect) the 1990s to slip into obscurity. Might “Monica Lewinsky” be the first thing you recall about the 1990s? Turns out those Clinton years are pockmarked by rather more political and economic corruption than even the sex, race, and LSD obsessed 1960s!

From 1991 forwards a slew of reckless geopolitical manoeuvres were initiated, which taken together completely upended a western world that had just enjoyed 45 stable years. The catalyst, but not the cause, was the official (December 26, 1991) dissolution of the Soviet Union. An event long anticipated by a psychotic Elite who had grabbed ownership of the West while JFK’s corpse was still warm.

The military “New World Order” was launched (de facto) by Operation Desert Storm. But the economic “New World Order” did not emerge until after 1st January 1995: the day the World Trade Organization was declared ‘international law’. Those two major developments have been intelligently integrated with this book’s core narrative, which describes the Author’s sudden confrontation with a radically transformed employment landscape: as compared with early 1990.


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The reader is also treated to unique anthropological insights as the Author's lustful encounter with two very willing, Hijab-wearing Muslim females gets honestly recounted, and in explicit detail. 

Throughout the 1990s the more progressive Islamic nations were actually tolerating a surprisingly permissive social atmosphere. The strict Wahhabi Sect's influence on the rest of the Islamic world was not yet strong enough to modify behaviours outside of Saudi Arabia. 


Back then, Muslim girls (under 30) were enjoying levels of freedom that almost compelled them to express their sexuality in provocative yet still restrained ways. Female sexual expression, free of any sluttiness, is a very beautiful thing. 

This invigorating "happy medium" phase was rudely terminated by the immediate aftermath of those shocking events played out during 11th September 2001 (a.k.a. WTC 9-11). 

Read this book to celebrate not only what was, but also what might have been. Precious few new titles manage to both educate and entertain as this one does. Male or female, you will be thrilled by "Outsourced World".

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